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Infranord AB offers both basic and refresher training in Traffic Safety Instructions (Tri) and Electrical Safety on behalf of SL Trafikförvaltningen Region Stockholm.

Before you book your course, we would like to draw your attention to the requirements for starting the course. Start by reading what applies under Booking Rules. Unless all the requirements have been met prior to the start of the course and/or registration, the registration will be invalid. Under each training tab, you can read up on the prior learning and health requirements for the course in question.

Please note that it is your employer who is responsible for certifying that you, as a participant, meet the prior learning and health requirements.

Training courses


SL Kat x9  track and tunnel certification
SL Train alarm Kat 26-36
SL Supervisor Kat 25-35
SL Safety and security planner
SL Driver A-train Kat 22-32
Machine operator for on-track plant (MOPS)


SL Electrical Safety Leader (ESL)



  • SL requires training participants to have a valid authorised medical opinion, including a drug and alcohol test.

  • Basic Kat X9 training requires an authorised medical opinion that is a maximum of six months old at the time of training.

Be aware that, in accordance with SL’s regulations, no bookings are made for training without a valid authorised medical opinion.


To meet SL’s requirements, the following forms are used for your medical examination:

For track and tunnel certification: Kat X9

For safety services: TSFS 2019:113

For drivers: TSFS 2011:61

Send the authorised medical opinion with the order form to

For more information about SL’s requirements for medical examinations and exemption applications refer to: SL’s health requirements.

Information about how Infranord processes your personal data (GDPR).

If you have any questions about your training, or want to know more about the training we provide on behalf of SL, you can contact us at


“Call-off services” for Saltsjöbanan, Tvärbanan, Nockebybanan and Spårväg City refers to activities that Infranord offers to those who order call-off services. These are primarily:

  • Staffing

  • Infranord can provide protection and safety planners, work train drivers, pilots, supervisors, electricity safety leaders, train warners, other safety personnel, electric signal and track technicians, etc.

We also provide other services that might be necessary for you to carry out your work on and around above-ground tracks. Contact us at or +46 (0)771-65 65 00.Ordering other call-off services bestaellning-oevriga-avropstjaenster-2016-09-21-1.pdf (