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Infranord contributes to a sustainable societal development, including the national climate goals, through efficient, safe and sustainable rail freight.


Infranord aims to be an attractive employer for current as well as future employees. We strive for a sustainable and safe work environment that is free from discrimination and abusive treatment with attractive employment terms and the opportunity to grow. Our safety work is clear and systematic, which is essential in our industry. 


For us at Infranord, financial sustainability at a company is about long-term profitability without overlooking environmental or social sustainability. Quality in deliveries, requirements for ethical business decisions and processes that allow stable deliveries to our customers are important matters for us.


Infranord works systematically with long-term sustainability. Our environmental impact primarily consists of carbon dioxide emissions, the use of chemical products and waste management. Our strategic plan to reduce carbon emissions includes increasing the share of fossil-free fuel in our plant and road vehicles.

Infranord works to create a future where, together with our customers, we meet the sustainability challenges faced by society.

Sara Selegran
Head of Sustainability and Environment